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Sunday, April 10, 2011

clearing space

the view from my kitchen - NOT (i wish)

i'm on  a (seemingly neverending) mission of cleanse and declutter. i've come to the conclusion that if my 'outer space' is awry, then heaven help my inner space.  it never ceases to amaze me how much crap a family of four can accumulate in the span of four years. we moved here from an even smaller space and had the correspondingly small amount of stuff.....inexplicably, we have expanded. which is to say, we have far too much crap.

i think it has something to do with the burgeoning spring -- the ability to throw wide open the windows and let the air flow that makes me want to redecorate as well. except i hate the upheaval so i'm on an additional mission to de-beige-ify our space. everything...and i mean everything, is painted the same shade of Industrial Beige -- we came from a more colourful home and my earth-tones phase in furniture so i'm about to throw myself in the moat over the blandness of it all.

i'm rather enamoured of bright apple green and am currently trying to decide which unsuspecting piece of furniture is going to get a paint job....


ps. exercising my prerogative of being chronically changeable....i've enabled comments again, for those who are so moved....;)

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Anonymous said...

Must be something in the air...I have been on a cleansing spree as well...It took three weeks of work almost daily but I am happy to report that everything is clutter free...and my new color of choice is robbin egg blue...I painted the walls cream and chocolate and accent everything with the blue...now spring has sprung and all feels fresh and new.

best of luck, and I love the apple green, brilliant

mel said...

oooooh...i have cushion covers in EXACTLY that colour palette -- LOVE!! you're a valiant soul with all that painting...lol

yeah..three weeks seems reasonable -- chipping away, it's a work-in-progress but already the place feels lighter...


sarah said...

You should see the amount of stuff a two person family can accumulate too. Here it is approaching winter but I have a similar mood to yours.

sarah said...

I found a place I think you might like. http://cecilysdiary.tumblr.com