{scraps of things from the pocket of an old coat}

Sunday, December 18, 2011

and so it begins again. the reunion and the moving onward. or backward, as sometimes the case may be.

i love this space -- even though it isn't much of anything. i think i've said before that i like it best because not many people come here. i think it's the equivalent of sitting in the corner at a party -- the ones who matter will drift toward you for the conversation that needs to be had.

or something like that.

the work has begun again in earnest. i'm finding my writing legs again -- sorting out the best times of day -- which is a bit of a challenge seeing as how myself and the children are sharing a computer. that's actually a good thing -- it means i piss about less when i do have computer time and can fiddle away in my notebooks in the other time...which is a lot of what i like best anyway. i've chosen to work on what began as my NaNoWriMo 2010 project -- it won out for a secondary character that i suddenly became fond of. then today, someone stepped out from the edge of a clearing that i hadn't intended to matter but suddenly does. very much.  i love when that happens.

i watched the third Narnia movie this weekend...and the Railway Children. there's nothing quite like beautiful old stories to make you want to get back to writing.

i've written a few poems as well.

it's good to be back and even better to realize how this is exactly what i want to be doing.