{scraps of things from the pocket of an old coat}

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

whale songs

when the words take me -- and i mean when i really step over the threshold and into the river -- i am unreachable.

what frightens me more than not being able to come back, is perhaps not wanting to.

i need to remember that love anchors more securely than any knots i might tie with my own ink-stained fingers.


Rose said...

What do you think would happen if you let yourself fly free in the words? WOuld you not get hungry and have to come back to earth eventually? What do you mean by unreachable? *hugs*

mel said...

ah, but i know what happens...because i remember doing it, without really thinking, because i didn't have to think, because there was only me to think about.

now, well -- there's B and the children and the four-legged tribe.

none of which would appreciate my jaunts into the Elsewhere with an undetermined return.

like, say they might starve to death.

(well, they wouldn't, would they? and that's what i need to get my head around and remember -- claim the time, right?)

rambly, ramblestein.

maybe this blog could just be me and you having a conversation -- me listing the reasons why not and you pointing out that i'm an eejit.


love to you always.

Rose said...

fear is always real and valid, always, it is a message for sure, but what we do with that message and how we let that message play out within ourselves is our choice.

I do believe for one second that that B and Seb and Sav and the four legged's would for one second starve quietly! I can imagine your frustration at being dragged back from your otherworlds by well....

by a canine weeing on your leg, while Seb pours green paint in your hair and Sav tugs gently on your hand before getting frustrated and digging her nails in. Nor can I see B just sitting there laughing at all this and letting it go that far....

Why can't you fly in those other places and come back? That voice that stops you going at all is surely strong enough to limit your time there?