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Saturday, October 15, 2011

a poem

written in response to Mr.O'Donohue and prompt #5 at the aeolian harp.....

the fog

i wrap myself in layers of bravery,
woven of ink and moonlight.
i walk the mists of unknown journeys;
 the wending, pot-holed  footpaths in the 
midnight forest of my soul.

but despite how well i cloak my heart against
   the doubtful night and seeping dark,
still, the cruel tendril'd fingers grope
 and creep
through the cracks and folds
of paper courage
and leave me
  and alone.


sarah elwell said...

Wonderful - as always!!

Would you mind emailling me or Tibbie these responses to our prompts, so we know to put them up on the site? I always read your weblog, but I'd hate to miss one by accident. :-)

Rose said...

This is so evocative Mel. I love the magic in the way you put words together!

mel said...

sorry, Sarah!! i had mis-read the bit about late-entries for older prompts. i promise to be more diligent in future....*grin*

thank you, Rose -- as always. (((hugs))